Testimonials (Animals)

I would like to share with everybody the amazing results we have achieved with Emuphoria Emu Oil. Our Bulldog, Yasmin, has suffered from a severely dry skin and her hair has fallen out in patches over her body. Our vet has recommended Emu Oil and we have started to use Emuphoria Emu Oil. Within a matter of weeks her hair started to grow back and today she has the healthiest, shiniest coat a dog could wish for.

We have two older dogs too and the Jack Russell has shed hair at an alarming rate. Every time we pick her up, we are covered in white hair. So, she also gets her Emu Oil every day, and no more white hair all over the place.

It also helps with their mobility. Our second bulldog, Blossom, is 13 years old and has been on the verge of being put to sleep, when we have decided to give her Emu Oil too. Well, that has been three years ago, and she is still going strong! If only it could help with deafness…

Kind regards


What a wonderful experience it was to finally get a product from you that bettered the skin of my beloved girl German Shepherd dog, after so much vet costs. The new hair looks beautiful and soft. She had bad spots of hair loss on her skin and everything I used did not work. Even the bad smell that came with the skin condition smelled better. I promote your product to everybody who is willing to listen. Thank you!

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