Testimonials (General)

I have been suffering from shingles for the past eight years, and have been living of injections and pain medication. I started using the Emu Oil Capsules, and now I don't have to buy the expensive pain medication anymore.
Mrs. Boshoff


I have been going to my doctor for blood test every three months to test my cholesterol level, and make any adjustments to my medication. For the last ten years my medication level has been constant. At my most recent consultation the doctor informed me that my cholesterol is now a 100% normal. The only change that I've made to my routine is to include Emu Oil Capsules.

On holiday, a while back, my husband and I strolled for most of the day. At the end of the second day my husband had a huge blister on the sole of his foot that was very painful. I applied some Emu Oil, and the next day the pain was gone, and by the following day the blister had healed.


I have been suffering from pain caused by arthritis that has hindered my participation in badminton. The pain was located in my knee, elbow, back, shoulders and neck. Since consuming Emu Oil Capsules, for two months, I am able to do my own house work andgardening, play badminton and I am doing line dancing.

My cholesterol level was very high, and dropped with six points in two months, and this, without changing any aspects of my diet.

I had a fungal infection on my shin that disappeared within three days after I applied Emu Oil. Itchy insect bites are something of the past.


I am so blessed and thankful for your product. After the first bottle of Emu Oil Capsules. I am totally pain free. I suffered from shingles for a period of 8 years receiving many injections and taking various medications. It is such a relief that I don't have to purchase those expensive medicines any more. I'm currently busy with my second bottle of Capsules.
Mrs. Boshoff


I want to share my story of how Emu Oil Capsules changed my life. I needed a knee replacement surgery. I experienced intense pain and could hear a clicking sound emanating from my knee as I walked. A friend of mine told me of the Emu Oil Capsules that she was using and I also started using them. I also had pain in my hands. After one month I could feel improvement. I'm still using the capsules, only 2 per day. I also observed the decrease of varicose veins on the side of my leg. I prefer the capsules. One of my friends told me that instead of capsules you also get a variant of the oil that is edible and you can pour over your food, which she found to be just as effective as the capsules. I can recommend Emu Oil Capsules – it has drastically improved my life.

After hearing a radio talk I ordered Pure Emu Oil and Muscle Rub. After about a month I regained the mobility in my arms after they were so stiff and had so much pain that I could not reach the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets. The pain is also gone. Above all the oil also brings relief to problems I am suffering caused by skin cancer.

I want to thank you for the Emu Oil Capsules. We are using them for 5 months now and they really works. My husband suffered a rugby injury in his shoulder and the pain feels better. I had back surgery and don't have any more pain, but still have a painful knee. The pain was very severe at night. Now we are pain free and we believe it is through the grace of God and the use of Emu Oil.

I really do feel the need to share my story regarding Emu Oil. I heard on RSG of the oil and ordered Capsules and Oil. The fingers on my left hand were so swollen that I could not close my hand or hold a bottle, or anything else for that matter. I can now close my hand and open bottles comfortably because all the pain is gone. My shoulders ached so much that I could not sleep at night. Since I started using the Oil and Capsules the pain has subsided and I can sleep soundly on both sides. I feel wonderful and put a very high recommendation on this product. Thank you very much Emuphoria!

I play the flute and I always have a problem with lip-ice. The lip-ice usually rubs off on the flute and creates a problem when playing. If you play for long periods of time your lips become dry, chapped and sore. I decided to try out the Emu product and I was pleasantly surprised. I can play the flute with the Emu Lip-ice on my lips as it doesn't rub off on my flute and it keeps my lips soft for longer. I usually go horse riding on Saturdays which means I'm in the sun the whole time. This naturally causes my lips to burn and makes them very dry and chapped. After using the Lip-ice, I was astonished at the quick and effective relief that it brought to my sore dry lips. It forms a protective layer on my lips and this lasts well in the day.


An old age pensioner uses Pure Emu Oil to rub into her legs and improve blood circulation. She says that the oil feels really good on her legs as she has hardened arteries. This in turn has a tendency to cause gangrene, but since she has started using Emu Oil she has no more problems.
Mrs. Nolte

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