Testimonials (Scarring)

I suffer from colloid scars due to operations that I have undergone. These marks are reddish-purple of colour and approximately 11cm wide. They influence the type of clothes that I wear. The use of Emu Oil made a difference after a couple of months use; the scars are softer and lighter in colour.

After applying oil to the scars, I rubbed the rest into my hands. The dark marks on my hands became lighter, and the cancer spots on my hands showed a great improvement. Currently I'm applying the oil to my nose, where I have cancer spots as well. And it has made a huge difference already, with some of the marks no longer visible.


I underwent radiation therapy on my face, neck and shoulders, which left me burnt and full of scars. I applied the oil to these areas, and it works every time. A piece of welding flux fell on my arm, and I applied the oil, which reduced the healing time.

There is a spot on my leg with bad blood circulation that causes itchiness and flakiness. I have been applying the oil to the area, and the above mentioned problems have seized.

My wife applies the rub to different areas, but especially to her feet. She used to struggle to walk. Using the Rub has also ensured that her heels don't split open anymore, and that my son's sport injuries don't keep him off the field.


I apply the Emu Rub to my arms and it has brought such relieve that I am able to move them in ways that weren't possible just a few months before starting. The Pure Emu Oil has made a difference to the skin cancer marks onmy body.
Mrs. Klopper


I use the Pure Emu Oil on my legs where I have terrible blood circulation. Some of my veins have calcified, that can lead to gangrene. Since using your oil, I have none of these problems.
Mrs. De Jager

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