Testimonials (Arthritis)

My pain goes back to before the year 2000, when I suffered with arthritis, gout andinflammation in my knees, shoulders and joints.

In January 2000, I had the first surgery on both my knees, they were so painful that Iwas hardly able to walk and regularly having fluid drained from both knees. I wastaking cortisone tablets and other medication every day.

After having the arthroscopy and debridement surgery to both knees, there was nopain for a short while, thereafter the pain flared up again, causing the same fluidproblem, followed by drainage procedure along with the continuous medication.

Then during October 2004 I was hospitalised and underwent surgery again, this time it was for a prolapsed disc, sciatic nerve and discectomy on the lower lumbar area. Theoperation was successful and I recovered well.

During May 2006, I once again had surgery on both my knees for the same problemof arthritis, gout and inflammation in my knees, shoulders and joints.The cortisone was a higher dose and I was taking it more regular along with othermedication to ease the pain, and again having the fluid drained from my knees.

Then one day, I heard a discussionabout Emu Oil. I decided, as I hadtried every other type of medication on the shelf, I would try the Emu Capsules.

This has been the best change I made. I have been taking the Emu Capsules sinceFebruary 2007 and to begin with it was a slow process, however it eased the pain,stopped the fluid buildup completely, and I am no longer taking the cortisone tablets on adaily basis. I only take the cortisone tablets if needed – perhaps once a week.


Since taking the Emu Capsules on a daily basis, Iam now mobile and able tocontinue with my daily work of running my own workshop, working on heavy trucksand vehicles and virtually pain free. My life is back to normal without those aches andpains; thanks to a natural product.

EmuCapsules have helped me cope in everyday working conditions, whenpreviously the pain was so intense that I could not even sleep at night.I used to groan with pain in my sleep each time I turned over, battled to get up andout of bed and get through my working day.

So thanks to Emu products (both the capsules and the oils). I have found great relief and am able to enjoy each day and my working conditionsonce again.


------------------------------------------ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

I am a 71 year old woman, in good health except for a stomach ulcer and arthritis that was diagnosed at 3 years old in my left wrist. Sometime ago I fell off a chair and broke my right ankle in 5 places and since that time the arthritis has taken over my entire body. There is nothing I haven't tried.

I heard about Emu Oil on the radio. I immediately phoned, ordered and started to take my capsules and use the rub. After the 3rd week I began to feel an incredible improvement. The pain has subsided to such an extent that some days I am completely pain free. I can move my ankle to all sides and my wrist is also much more mobile. The longer I take the capsules the less I feel the pain and stiffness. I will never stop using these miracle products made from Emu Oil.


I suffered through 3 spinal surgeries. I currently have 23 screws in my spine and I had such an immense pain in my right leg after my second and third surgery that I could not stand up after sitting down.

One day I listened to radio Pretoria and heard the talk about Emu Oil products. There and then I ordered 4 bottles of capsules. To my utmost surprise I felt like a brand new person after only 5 weeks.

My husband, who is 63, runs 3 flights of stairs 10 to 17 times per day after using Emu Oil capsules. All my friends have noticed the change in my life and after telling them about Emu Oil they also started using it with great success. My mother who is 85 had trouble walking because of the incredible pain she endured. After she started using Emu Oil she doesn't complain anymore and she can walk and has regained her zest for life.


I am 60 years old and was diagnosed with arthritis 20 years ago. For many years I used very potent anti-inflammatory medicine. After 20 years of use I started to feel side effectsand my physician advised me to discontinue the use of it immediately. I ordered Emu Capsules and started taking them every day.

Within a few days I felt a huge improvement in my hands and legs. I still need to check my diet but when I do over indulge on foods that are bad for me there is nothing like Emuphoria Rub to take away the pain. I also recently discovered that the Emu Oil also relieves the nasty varicose veins on my legs.


Elizma – Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After a difficult and painful battle, Elizma was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, when she was 3 years old.

Her two feet were affected and at first we thought that she had fractured her feet; they were painful and swollen. She couldn't walk or even wear any shoes and always had to be carried. She started with strong anti-inflammatory treatment. The side effects were horrendous, with blood tests being done every fourth week.

Research into a natural route brought us to Ziva Emuphoria. Elizma has been drinking Emu Oil for 2 years now and doesn't need any other medication at all. Her blood tests are normal with no active arthritis present. Elizma changed from a difficult, crying, sleepless baby into a playful and energetic toddler.


I am writing this, hoping other parents will benefit from this information. This story relates to my 10 year old daughter – Meegan.
My daughter came home from school complaining of terrible pain in her right knee. After visiting numerous specialists and even a stent in hospital to drain fluid from her hip, she was finally diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, about a month later, by a Pediatric Rheumatologist.

She was placed on a lot of medication by the doctor as well as cortisone. The cortisone did not agree with her heart and after her first treatment, was pulled off it. In the interim I was trying to find a more natural form of healing without any side effects. I had already taken her to a homeopath / dietician who changed her diet completely by reducing the acid in her body. The doctor also wanted to put her on worse medications after the cortisone did not agree with her so I was still searching for some form of natural healing. It came with a call from my husband's uncle who also suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and he recommended Emu Oil as this was the only thing that had really helped him and had no side effects.

I searched the internet and located a supplier and once the capsules and oils and was courier in, started this treatment immediately. This medication has no side effects and above all her hair and skin look a lot better.

Well I am very happy to report, that a month later, my daughter is walking and even riding her bike now. I am also happy to report that I luckily did not have to put my daughter on the dangerous medication the doctor had prescribed for her. I am now weaning her off her anti-inflammatories and hoping to have her off by next week.

To all parents who are given this terrible news by a doctor – there is hope through changing your child's diet and following the Emu Oil treatment.


I would like to tell again as to how, 3 years ago, I heard about Emu Oil and how it changed my life. I had 2 light strokes in one evening and as a result, was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis. It was extremely painful and I lost the use of my right arm and leg so my husband had to help me to bath and dress. After two months of drinking the Emu Oil Capsules, I experienced no further pain and regained the full use of my arm and leg.

I later discovered another use for the Emu Oil – healing of burns. I scalded my foot on a hot water bottle, and because I am a diabetic, a hole in my foot resulted. In desperation I opened one capsule and applied the oil to my wound. After about 5 days the hole began to close and now my foot is completely healed.


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