Testimonials (Wounds, Blood Circulation & Varicose Veins)

The enclosed testimony is in no way intended to discredit the local hospital or private doctors, but intended to emphasize the severity of the burns to the extent that they had little if any hope of a full recovery.


I share that I sustained third degree burns in a gasleak explosion in October of 2012. The intense pain of such a burn is indescribable. The first night, after the burn, I spent outside on the lawn using the garden hose to spray water over my two legs where I was burnt. The pain was so severe that I could not leave the garden hose to travel to the local hospital for treatment. I was burnt on the Friday night and could only get to hospital on the Sunday afternoon. This was a grave mistake as large blisters had already formed.

I had 5 treatments at the local hospital,thereafter a doctor friend and a private sister assisted me. The hospital doctor, who is also a private doctor, said healing would take a very long time. He was talking years; not months. I heard of Emu Products on a radio station. I ordered 2 bottles of the 100ml Topical Oil and Martie made a special trip into town to post the Emu Oil per overnight post. The next day I received the oil and began applying on the burns as well as drinking it. I had to continue with the Emu Oil and silver sulphadiazine cream for a few weeks before seeing results. The pictures speak for themselves (see Burn Wound Photo Testimonial).

The doctor and sister were wonderfully helpful, I was told what to bring and they would bandage my legs and allowed me to use Emu Oil. I am a firm believer in Emu Oil and use it to this day for joint pain.

Additional Testimonial re Varicose Veins:

Prior to the October 2012 burn I used to wear compression socks on a daily basis to assist my problems with varicose veins. Since using Emu Oil on my legs I no longer have varicose veins and I also have not used compression socks since the burn.

I used the Emu Oil only on my legs below the knees. My legs are clean and free of varicose veins.Above the knees, where I have never used Emu Oil, I still have varicose veins.


At a Church gathering on Saturday, 26 January 2013, the paraffin stove, I was cooking on, caught fire and left me with severe burn injuries. I was taken to hospital, where the wounds were bandaged. I received painkillers before I was discharged.
The pain was unbearable and on Monday, 28 January 2013, I went to the clinic. My bandages were changed and I received more painkillers.
I know from past experience how good Emu Oil works and decided to try it on my wounds as I could not bear the pain anymore. On Monday afternoon, 28 January 2013, I started using Emu Oil. I applied the oil to the wounds and covered it with bandages. The pain was still unbearable, but began to subside on the second day after I started using Emu Oil. Today, my skin feels soft with no signs ofcolloid. I am a witness to the wonderful healing of Emu Oil on my arm and I use it every day.


My husband had terrible blemishes on his leg. The specialist couldn't make a definite diagnosis and wanted to operate to remove it. We decided to get a second opinion as the blemishes enlarged and changed colour and the other leg also started developing a similar mark.

He got a second opinion and that specialist diagnosed varicose veins and didn't advise an operation. The marks grew bigger and turned black. He heard your radio talk and the effect of Emu Oil. We were very sceptical, but decided to order the capsules and oil.

After almost 3 months the marks are visibly smaller and the previous bluish colour is now red.The black colour is now dark blue.

It looks so much better and he believes that they will disappear completely. He only hopes that the pain will get better.Thank you so much for your brilliant products.I truly believe that you will help a lot of people in future.


I started taking the Capsules after I heard you speak at an Emu information talk. You mentioned that the Oil might help with varicose veins and as I have unsightly spider web-like purple and blue areas that really doesn't look good, I started drinking the capsules. After 3 weeks I could see that the areas with the varicose veins started to get smaller and the blue and purple colour is much lighter.

I have been battling with colon problems for as long as I can remember and I've spent a lot of money on doctors and medication. I could not believe it when I realised that the oil started to help with this after two weeks. I used to feel uncomfortable and bloated all the time. It is wonderful to have a flatter tummy and have, for the first time that I can remember, a stomach that functions normally. I wish that I've heard about Emu Oil a long time ago. People, with intestine problems, will know exactly why I say this.

My husband has also benefited. He had a problem with severe acne since high school. He started using the Emu Shaving Cream and Soap. His skin looks wonderful and we've started treating his back with the oil, as his acne problem is so severe that his back is alsoaffected by it and we've already started seeing results.

Thank you very much for an excellent product, that really works.


I would like to share a story of with you of what must have been unbelievable pain, with an astonishing ending. Our gardener, Philip, burnt himself badly, about a month ago, by falling on a coal stove. Two days after the accident he was back at work and asked me for black shoe polish to put on the wounds (on his arm and on his shoulder). With shock I watched as he put the polish on the burnt wounds that were so deep that I could see the muscle layers because all the skin was gone. The wounds were about 4x3cm in size.

After another 3 days he returned to work, and I could see that he was in a huge amount of pain. He showed me the wounds, and what I saw was horrible! There was a hard crust over the wounds, with pus visibly pooling underneath. I immediately remembered the 100% Pure Emu Oil that I bought last year, of which there was still a little bit left. Because the wounds looked so painful, instead of applying the oil directly to the affected areas, I put some of the oil on sterile gauze and put it over the wounds and secured it with bandages, so that it wouldn't fall off, but the wounds could still breathe.

five hours later he came to ask for more gauze as the previous ones had fallen off. When I saw the wounds I was astonished. The crust was gone and the wounds seemed to be almost entirely clean!

He went home with more Emu Oil, gauze and bandages. And when he returned 4 days later, I was amazed again when I saw the wounds. Already the wounds were halfway covered with new layers of skin and the middle of the wounds had clean, healthy scabs.
Never again will my home be without Emu Oil!


I would like to tell again as to how, 3 years ago, I heard about Emu Oil and how it changed my life. I had 2 light strokes in one evening and as a result, was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis. It was extremely painful and I lost the use of my right arm and leg so my husband had to help me to bath and dress. After two months of drinking the Emu Oil capsules, I experienced no further pain and regained the full use of my arm and leg.

I later discovered another use for the Emu Oil – healing of burns. I scalded my foot on a hot water bottle, and because I am a diabetic, a hole in my foot resulted. In desperation I opened my one capsule and applied the oil to my wound. After about 5 days the hole began to close up and now my foot is completely healed.


I use the Pure Emu Oil on my legs where I have terrible blood circulation. Some of my veins have calcified, that can lead to gangrene. Since using your oil, I have none of these problems.


I have been suffering from pain caused by arthritis that has hindered my participation in badminton. The pain was located in my knee, elbow, back, shoulders and neck. Since consuming Emu Oil Capsules, for two months, I am able to do my own house work andgardening, play badminton and I am doing line dancing.

My cholesterol level was very high, and dropped with six points in two months, and this, without changing any aspects of my diet.

I had a fungal infection on my shin that disappeared within three days after I applied Emu Oil. Itchy insect bites are something of the past.

I heard the talk on Emu Oil products on the radio. I bought my first bottle of capsules and started using them immediately. Due to crystalisation and poor blood circulation, it was necessary to amputate toes on both feet. I experienced permanent pain in my toes, fingers, joints and lower back. After prayers and the use of Emu Oil Capsules I feel like a new person. I can once again do what I previously could not do, including climbing stairs. Thank you so much.



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