Photo Testimonials / Burn Wounds (not for sensitive viewers)

18 October 2012   14 October 2012
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I share that I sustained third degree burns in a gas leak explosion in October of 2012. The intense pain of such a burn is indescribable. The first night after the burn I spent outside on the lawn using the hose pipe to spray water over my two legs where I was burned. The pain was so severe that I could not leave the hose pipe to travel to the local hospital for treatment. I was burned on the Friday night and could only get to hospital on the Sunday afternoon. This was a grave mistake as large blisters had already formed. I had 5treatments at the local hospital and thereafter I tried making appointments with private doctors and was turned away, they would not even take a look at the burns.
I then learned of EMU Products on a radio station. Susan was giving a talk. I immediately ordered 2 bottles of 100ml Pure EMU oil. Martie made a special trip into town to post the EMU oil per overnight post. The next day I received the oil and began applying on the burns and drinking the pure emu oil. A doctor friend and a private sister from the old school assisted me. I had to continue with the emu oil and silver sulphadiazine cream for a few weeks before seeing results. 
The pictures speak for themselves. The hospital doctor, who is also a private doctor, said healing would take a very long time he was talking years not months. The clinic sisters and the private sister were so wonderfully helpful, they bandaged my legs and allowed me to use emu oil. Doug

At a Church Gathering on Saturday 26 January 2013, the paraffin stove I was cooking on caught fire and left me with severe burn injuries.  I was taken to hospital, where the wounds were bandaged.  I received painkillers before I was discharged.
The pain was unbearable and on Monday, 28 January 2013, I went to the clinic. My bandages were changed and I received more painkillers.
I know from past experience how good Emu Oil works and decided to try it on my wounds as I could not bear the pain anymore.  On Monday afternoon, 28 January 2013, I started using Emu Oil. I applied the oil to the wounds and covered it with bandages.  The pain was still unbearable, but began to subside on the second day after I started using Emu Oil.  Today, my skin feels soft with no keloid.  I am a witness to the wonderful healing of Emu Oil on my arm and I use it every day.

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